Recently been involved in a motor vehicle accident?


Being involved in a motor vehicle accident today can be very frustrating. There are many things to consider and getting healthy again needs to be a priority.  Recently, the state of Florida has passed bad laws. In order to use your auto insurance to cover injuries sustained from a motor vehicle accident, you need to be seen by a physician, chiropractor, or the ER within 14 days. Otherwise your benefits are forfeited. This has caught a lot of people off guard and many people have lost benefits because of this, benefits they paid for, don’t be one of them!

After an accident, people’s adrenaline tends to drown out any immediate pain and many people feel “ok” at the scene of the accident, until a couple hours later when they get home. This can be costly, make sure you call the police and get an accident report. Auto insurance companies rely heavily on police reports to determine the facts of the accident and this documentation will help you tremendously in the case of serious injury.

Is very common to sustain serious injuries in motor vehicle accident without immediately knowing, ignoring symptoms until they eventually sideline you. Loss of work, income, stress, anxiety, and pain can make this period of time extremely difficult. That’s why I recommend you seek treatment as soon as possible after an accident. You dont know the full extent of your injuries until you have been professionally evaluated. We treat auto accident injuries here at our Jacksonville office, and we do a great job. Things to consider – many people have x-rays after an accident and while x-rays are great for showing fractures, they won’t show soft tissue injuries such as the case of spinal injuries, herniated discs, torn ligaments and tendons. You need an MRI for that. We have a history of treating auto accidents, and we work with multiple providers. We do this to ensure you get the best care, that your injuries are fully evaluated, documented, and treated effectively. We will treat you how we would like to be treated, and we are going to do our best!


Sometimes legal representation is necessary due to the extent of the injuries, lost of income, impairments, and medical coverage. We work with a small group of lawyers we trust, that can help you during this time, if legal representation is needed. It has been my experience that most motor vehicle accident injuries usually take in the area of 6-12 weeks to recover. However, every case is different and some people are ok with in a few weeks, while others take several months to get back to where they were before their accident.

I hope you and your family are never involved in an auto accident, but if you do find yourself, a family member, or a friend in one, please come see us. We will help you sort out the mess and do our best to get back to being healthy again!
-Dr. Colt Andrea D.C.

National Board Certified Chiropractor located in Jacksonville Fl.

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