Need an auto accident doctor?

auto accident doctor

Looking for an auto accident doctor?  Here at First Coast Spine we focus on auto accident injuries and treatment. We have the experience, knowledge, and compassion to assist you during these often difficult and aggravating times.


Many times after an injury resulting from an auto accident, you will have suffered back and neck pains. Common injuries from an auto accident include whiplash and back strains. Whiplash is a sudden movement of the head back and forth that causes injury to the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the neck. This is often very painful and among neck pain, can cause headaches and radiating pain down the arm in more severe cases.


Back pain and stains also results from the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the back being stretched too far causing microscopic tearing and inflammation. In more severe cases, the disc between the vertebra of the spine can become damaged and the nerves may become involved. People in cases like these will often experience a burning like pain running down the back of the leg.


Bruising and cuts from the the seat belt, hitting the steering wheel, or dashboard often happens any may not be apparent until examination. It is often overshadowed by your primary concerns, but it’s important to have these injures documented in case they become more concerning during the course of care.

If you are needing legal representation, we work with Jacksonville based lawyers and can recommend lawyers we know and trust. Don’t be fooled by calling these statewide lawyer referral services. Most of these lawyers work out of south florida and won’t get back in touch with you after they have signed you up – read here for a patient’s review of such services. The lawyers we work with are local, personal, and you can reach them any time.


We hope that you and your loved ones are never involved in an auto accident, but in such event we are here for you. Please call our office and let us help, you will be glad you did!


-Dr. Colt Andrea D.C.

National Board Certified Chiropractor located in Jacksonville Fl.

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